Re: creating users in windows xp

I have formatted my drive as NTFS but I am not connected to a domain. This
is my stand alone desktop. when I right click on a folder, properties, I
can't see the "security tab" how can I enable the security tab?

Ravi Verma
"Bruce Chambers" <bchambers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ravi Verma wrote:

Is it possible to create two users in XP so that non of them can c what
the other one is doing, I mean if user1 creates a folder, that folder
should not be visible to user2 and vice-versa.

Ravi Verma


HOW TO Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP;en-us;279783

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HOW TO Set, View, Change, or Remove Special Permissions for Files and

HOW TO Set the My Documents Folder as Private in Windows XP;en-us;298399


Bruce Chambers

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