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Hi Luise,

This is a little over my head, I have one stand alone machine and I am not
on a network. So I know very little about this.

However, if I leave Simple File Sharing turned on, I get three tabs;
General, Sharing and Customize, I also get Make this folder private.

If I turn Simple File Sharing off, I get four tabs; General, Sharing,
Security and Customize, I also lose Make this folder private. Instead I get
Do not share this folder or Share this folder under the Sharing tab.

Since you have a Sharing and Security tab, you must have Simple File Sharing
turned off. With Simple File Sharing turned off, you do not see Make this
folder private. Also if your computers are on a domain, you do not get the
Make this folder private, you have to set permissions. If your machines are
on a workgroup you can have Simple File Sharing turned on.

At this point I do not know if you need to have Simple File Sharing on or
off. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and I have no idea how
many machines are on your network or anything.

[[By default, the Simple File Sharing UI is turned on in Windows XP
Professional-based computers that are joined to a workgroup. Windows XP
Professional-based computers that are joined to a domain use only the
classic file sharing and security interface. (Simple File Sharing gets
tuned off automatically if on a domain, I think.)

If you turn off Simple File Sharing, you have more control over the
permissions to individual users. However, you must have advanced knowledge
of NTFS and share permissions to help keep your folders and files more
secure. If you turn off Simple File Sharing, the Shared Documents feature is
not turned off. ]]

How to set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions in
Windows XP;en-us;308418

HOW TO: Set, View, Change, or Remove Special Permissions for Files and
Folders in Windows XP;en-us;308419

How to configure file sharing in Windows XP;en-us;304040

How to disable simplified sharing and set permissions on a shared folder in
Windows XP;en-us;307874

HOW TO: Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP;en-us;308421

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:%23Lm1H8JRGHA.1096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Luise <luisegabriel@xxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
Both my machines is NTFS file system.

My Documents Properties has 3 tabs namely Target, General, Sharing and
Security. On the Sharing Tab it has:

"You can share this folder with other users on your network. To enable for
this folder click Share this folder.

*Do not share this folder
*Share this folder

Share name: (gray)---------------------
Comment: (gray)-----------------------

User limit: (gray)

*Maximum allowed (gray)
*Allow this number of users (gray)

To set permission for users who access this folder over the network, chick
Permission. --------------Permissions (gray)

To configure settings for offline access, click
Caching --------------------------Caching (gray)

Windows Firewall will be configured to allow this folder to be shared with
other on the network.

View you Windows Firewall settings


After I installed the latest updates and reboot then my another computer
also the same condition.

"Wesley Vogel" <123WVogel955@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Ignore the title, but have a look at this. Especially the Make this
private is greyed out? part. And click on the Fig 1 explains the symptom.

How to undo "Make this folder private" option

You Cannot Select the "Make This Folder Private" Option;EN-US;307286

How to set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions in
Windows XP

How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and
folders in Windows XP

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:uIhrCIFRGHA.4264@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Luise <luisegabriel@xxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
My drive is NTFS file system. The Folder is in my User Profile but "Make
this folder private" is not available. I checked the " Do not share this
folder" but still now My Documents is able to access form the other
Administrative Account. Only it protects from the Limited Accounts.

"Wesley Vogel" <123WVogel955@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Here are some notes about Make this folder private.

#1 is that if the folder is not in your user profile, Documents and
Settings\Your Name, Make this folder private will not be available.

Make this folder private
[[Specifies that only you can access the folder. When you make a folder
private, you also make all the files and subfolders it contains
private. This option is only available for your folders in your user
profile (My Documents and its subfolders, Desktop, Start Menu, and
Favorites). If you
want to make a file in a private folder available to other users, you
move the file to the Shared Documents, Shared Pictures, or Shared Music

[[This option is only available for folders included in your user
Folders in your user profile include My Documents and its subfolders,
Desktop, Start Menu, Cookies, and Favorites. If you do not make these
folders private, they are available to everyone who uses your computer.

*user profile
[[A file that contains configuration information for a specific user,
such as desktop settings, persistent network connections, and
settings. Each user's preferences are saved to a user profile that
Windows uses to configure the desktop each time a user logs on.]]

[[When you make a folder private, all of its subfolders are private as
For example, when you make My Documents private, you also make My Music
My Pictures private. When you share a folder, you also share all of its
subfolders unless you make them private. ]]

[[You cannot make your folders private if your drive is not formatted
as NTFS.]]

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:%23Tfepz0QGHA.5552@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Luise <luisegabriel@xxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
When I created a password for the administrative account I got this

" Do you want to make your files and folders private? Even with a
on your account, other people using this computer can still see your
documents. To prevent this, Windows can make your files and folders
private. This will prevent users with limited accounts form gaining
access to your files and folders.

Yes, Make Private ----- No"

This time I did not make it private but now I would like to make it
private. I have tried to get some information on the Googles Groups
but I cannot fix my problem.

I followed the some of the instructions from Google such as :

3 Double-click the Documents and Settings folder.

4 Double-click your user folder.

5 Right-click any folder in your user profile, and then click

6 On the Sharing tab, select the Make this folder private so that only

have access to it check box. "

The problem is on the Sharing tab there is no "Make this folder
have 1. Do not share this folder. 2. Share this folder.

However on my another computer that I made my files and folders
private after I have created the password has "Make this folder

Both machines OS are Windows XP Pro SP 2 with all the latest updates.

I am looking for your help.

With regards,



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