Re: Network problems 2

Apparently simple file sharing is disabled on the XP Pro computers so you
need to make sure that you have user accounts on the XP Pro computer that
match what you are logging onto the XP Home computers [name and password]
and the user accounts must have passwords. As far as XP Pro computer trying
to access the XP Home computers you need to make sure that the share and
folder/NTFS permissions include "everyone" and then access should be
granted. The links below explain more on setting folder permissions and file
sharing. --- Steve;en-us;308418 --- Simple
file sharing info
--- white paper on file shaing troubleshooting

"Erwin" <Erwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, I am having problems with my home network. I have a small peer to peer
network of around four computers but two of them are out of action, the
two run on Xp home and professional with both of them updated with service
packs. The problem i am having is that I can't access either computers
files. When trying to open the Professional system from the home system a
password box comes up. I have tried all my passwords but nothing works.
other one is when i try to access the home from the professional system i
an error message saying i don't have permission to access it. If anybody
any ideas it would be a great help cause i have tried everything i can
of (which is not that much). Thanks in advance


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