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Pablo Cesar wrote:
People...i beg for help!!!

I have a disk with an installation of windows xp that belongs to a
that is not working anymore, so i buy a new machine, installed windows
and try to acces the information under my user in C:\Documents and
Settings\MyUserName but i get "access denied"...i thing this is due i
this folder as private when i was using that Windows....i tried to boot
the old thisk in the new machine but i cann't do it, i only get blue
telling me that something failled....what can i do? the information
there is
vital for me.

Is the data actually encrypted, as your subject line suggests? If so,
and if the your encryption certificates and keys were not backed up
before placing the hard drive in the new computer, and the workstation
isn't part of a domain, those files are gone, for all practical
purposes. Encryption works well and there is no "back door" or hack to
access the files. (Wouldn't be much point to EFS if it were vulnerable.)

If you hadn't actually encrypted the data files (and marking a folder
private is something completely different from encryption), you may be
facing nothing more than a simple permissions issue. Have you tried
taking ownership of the old folders?

HOW TO Take Ownership of a File or Folder in WinXP;en-us;Q308421


Bruce Chambers

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