Re: Finding replies to my questions

Donna wrote:

I have a response to a question but can't find it to read. Wat do I

Use Google Groups Advanced Search and look for your name. You can also
constrain the search to a time period and to a newsgroup.

You are having difficulties because you are accessing these newsgroups
from the web interface, which is clumsy and the worst way to do it.
Here is information to give you a better experience:

Since you are using the web interface, you may not realize that this is
really a newsgroup. You will get far more out of this resource if you
learn to use a newsreader. There are many good newsreaders for Windows,
but you can use Outlook Express since you already have it. Here are
some links to information about newsgroups:

About Usenet: - Basics
of Usenet - a brief
explanation of newsgroups

Using Outlook Express as Newsreader:

How to Post: - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
working properly - how to munge email address - multiposting vs.

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