Re: Interactive logon.

It is a computer setting because a user is logging on to computer, not vice
versa. Just specify the user you don't want logged on locally.
Anyway, you should test GPO changes in lab first, before implementing them
in production environment. You can use virtualization software like
virtualpc or vmware gsx server (it is free of charge) for your lab. Also,
use Microsoft GPMC for administering, testing and deploying GPOs, it has
great feature called planning mode.

*** bagins ***

"Kerry Brown" <kerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*a*m> wrote in message
bagins wrote:
You can use domain (or local ) security policy -> comp. config. ->
windows settings -> security settings -> local policies -> user
rights assignment -> deny log on locally.

I think as that is a computer setting it will stop anyone from logging on
locally to whatever computers the policy applies. I don't know of a group
policy setting that would stop a user from logging on locally.