Re: Run Internet Explorer with dial-up connection

Can you do what you need to from a domain computer but logged onto the
computer as a local user account instead of a domain account? If so it
sounds like you have some sort of Group Policy "user configuration"
restriction and you can run rsop.msc on the XP Pro computer to examine what
Group Policy settings are being applied to see if you can determine which
ones may be problematic. What exactly are you experiencing while logged onto
the domain in regards to IE failure? I would suggest that you also look in
the logs of the computer via Event viewer to see if anything is recorded
there that may be of help. --- Steve

"Jorge Ferreira" <Jorge Ferreira@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello experts,

I installed a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and configured the GPO
for the netword (It's not so big so i created one GPO for the entire
The problem is that i can't connect internet explorer from my computer
a dial-up connection if i'm under the domain. To use it i have to leave
domain and them make my connection. The problem is that i have to connect
mysqlf to this site that uses only this connection (VPN) aproximatelly
a week. I already tried to connect and the connection works. I tried to
"ping" the site from cmd shell and it works; only the Internet Explorer
doesn't work with another connection but the default, and this site must
adressed from IE.
I think it is something in my GPO settings that is stopping the IE from
running with this connection, because once i'm out of the domain
Can someone help me?



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