Re: Symantec: Which should come first... the chicken or the egg...

Hey it's me... the guy who started this discussion. Let me say a few
things about how well this whole problem turned out.
1. I got my new programs installed as I wanted (NIS 2006 and NSW 2006).
They seem to be running well. It took about 6 hours so far (part of
which was waiting and waiting).
2. I want to thank all of you for helping me. You made me cautious. I
was v-e-r-y careful thanks to your advice. I only made one mistake. It
cost me an hour.
3. Let me say a few words about passion. (No, not the romantic kind --
the kind of passionate anger and frustration that many people have with
Norton products and Symantec's handling.) I learned a lot from the
anger that appeared as a result of my question. The anger that came out
made me careful. When you consider that I am kind of between Novice and
Intermediate, those were just the kind of warnings that I had to have.
Again, thank you for the help. The calm replies were good. The angry
replies were good.
You are a bunch of good guys. These days there aren't many good guys
still around.
Mike B
PS Now I gotta do the whole thing all over again, on my wife's