Re: Symantec: Which should come first... the chicken or the egg...

perstare wrote:
I want to install Norton Internet Security 2006. I also want to
install Norton Systemworks 2006.
Which one should I install first?
Who can help me with this question?

I have spent a great deal of time on the Symantec site and found NO
answer to this question. I think I've the sequence right except the
the question above.

1. Uninstall Go back (v 3.60.211), NIS 2005 and then NSW 2004.
2. Check to see if Registry still shows entry for Go Back. If so,
delete it.
3. Then Install, if I can find out the answer above.

With Norton/Symantec and the problems you are likely to have in doing all
this uninstallaing of their products (they do not go quietly into that good
night) - you should use another one of their products (GHOST) before you do
anything - because it may just go bad on you.

Also - I think you may be slowing whatever speed you have down to a crawl.
Norton products are great - for the uninitiated and unwilling to learn.
Beyond that - they provide no more protection than other products and can
cause more trouble and use more resources than the other products. I'm not
saying not to use Norton/Symantec products - it's just the all-in-one
products that really seem to have the most trouble for Symantec/Norton. The
individual packages - although they can be resource hogs themselves - aren't
all that bad.

As for your direct question.. I was serious about backing up your system
first. I have seen what you are about to attempt go horribly wrong more
than once. lso keep this link in mind - it can restore your system to a
working state should Norton destroy it in the way I have seen before..

Then your order seems fine.
Installing - Norton System Works then Internet Security.

I really think you should reconsider though - I think you will be shocked
how much faster your system seems without those two things installed. heh

Shenan Stanley
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