Re: Delete Old Backup File Names from Restore and Manage Media Lis

You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know.


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thanks for you help. Worked perfectly.

"Nepatsfan" wrote:

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Is there a way to selectively remove the older Backup File
Names from the Restore and Manage Media List? Is there a
way to completely wipe this list without reinstalling a
clean version of XP Pro? Presently my list is very

If this can be done, where is the list stored? How do I go
about this?

If you completely wipe the list, then how would one go
about telling the Restore program which files contain the

Note I am using removable drive bays to keep my backups on
spare hard drives.


In the right hand pane on the "Restore and Manage Media"
tab of ntbackup, right click the entries you want to remove
and select "Delete catalog" from the menu. Keep in mind
that this does not delete the associated .bkf file, it just
removes the entry from the list.

If you want to restore a .bkf file which is not listed on
the "Restore and Manage Media" page, do the following:
Click on the Welcome tab in the Backup Utility.
Hit the Restore Wizard (Advanced) button.
When the wizard starts, hit the Next button.
On the "What to Restore" page, hit the Browse button.
You should now be able to navigate to the .bkf file.
Once you've made your choice, hit Next.
Click on the Advanced button if you want to change any
options. Click Finish.

Good luck



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