Re: Accessing Systems w/Administrator and blank password

You could use stored credentials so that you don't have to enter password
[Control Panel/user accounts/your account - manage network passwords] or if
you simply logon with the administrator account with password that is the
same on all three computers you should be able to get seamless access and
there is NOTHING wrong with writing a password down as long as you store it
in such a way that it is not going to be easily found by those that should
not know it. If you really want to use a blank password over the network the
open Local Security Policy on each computer that has a share and go to local
policies/security options and find the security option for accounts: limit
local account use of blank password to console logon only and set it to
disabled. --- Steve

"JohnK" <JohnK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a set of 3 systems which I use for testing that are connect to a
switch but not the internet. I want to use a blank Admin password but
then I
can't access these devices (shares don't like Admin w/o passwords).

What can I change on the 3 systems to allow the shares to work? Would
prefer not to set a password only so I don't forget it.


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