Re: GPedit.msc - acces is denied.

Steven L Umbach wrote:
Check permissions to the windows\system32\group policy folder and
subfolders to make sure administrators have full control and you are
not a member of any group that has any deny permissions to those
folders/files such as users, authenticated users, or everyone. If you
make no progress try running filemon from SysInternals just before
you try accessing secedit.msc looking for access denied in the
results column. If you have a lot of entries for filemon to look
through [very likely] use options/filter/highlight and enter access
denied in highlight which will make those entries easier to

Thanks a lot, the attribute of C:\WINDOWS\system32\GroupPolicy\gpt.ini was
set to Read-only,
changing that finally fixed my problem.

Dieter D'Hoker