Re: User's home share unaccessible after adding an Outlook profile

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I have Windows XP SP2 machines in a SBS 2003 domain. Exchange has
been set up and everyone can access their e-mail with Outlook 2003
just fine. We just had an employee leave, so I added a profile to
one person's outlook to be able to access that employee's e-mail.

So you a) granted this user "full mailbox access" to the old user's mailbox
in ADUC and then b) added the mailbox as a secondary one to the user's mail
profile? that's what I do......

After doing so, she was unable to access her network home drive!

Via a mapped drive, UNC path, ???

This is the share set up automatically when her account was added to
active directory. I checked permissions on the folder and nothing
had changed.

To test, I added permissions to her folder for the employee who had
left and then she was able to access her files on that share!

I don't know what you mean....

How is this possible? How can I fix it? I've already removed the
extra profile.

Outlook profile? Outlook has nothing to do with this - it would help if you
explained exactly what you did.....

I tried disconnecting all of her network shares and

I was able to connect to it correctly using "Net use h:
//server/users/name /USER:domain/name" and did not have to specify a
password, but as soon as she logged off and on again, it was back to
the way it was before.

Any ideas?

Are you using a login script? You should be....even a basic batch file.

net use * /del
net use h: /home /persistent:no
net use x: \\server\share /persistent:no
net use y: \\server\share /persistent:no