Re: Critical Errors after a pristine install of OS

Again it didn't went as it should :(
leaking mb's again
ZoneAlarm is stopping those MSN popups
and blockes a lot of attempts
tracking down the ip's shows 90% is coming from china

i give up, next time i reinstall i'll be having a NAT router
MS should include one when buying a winxp cd-rom that's what i think
or at least advise customers that their software is full of holes, like
Swiss cheese

thnx to everyone who invested their time and effort to try and help me

"omi" wrote:


i thought the win-firewall was only in SP2
this might solve a lot
about messenger, i'm so spooked right now that i prefer to completely delete
this program from my system at next install, i'll find other ways to chat
with my friends, plenty of options. I just hope that messenger won't be
reinstalled when i install SP2 or something, but for safety i'll make the
adjustments to prevent messenger from running also.

I hear almost nothing but critism about NIS, i guess it became the victim of
it's own popularity eh, a cooperation that big looks like the ultimate target
for hackers, like infiltrating into the fbi's office or something.

Thnx for the ZoneAlarm tip !!
I had it on my 1st pc a few years ago but have forgotten the excistance
It'll be installed at next installation.
I'm testing it now and the Messenger pop-ups are being blocked by it
:) it's a start

"Mike Hall (MS-MVP)" wrote:


You do not have to update before turning on the Windows XP firewall.. either
go to Control Panel and look for the Windows Firewall icon there, or click
on START - Settings - Network Connections, locate your ISP connection icon,
right click and select Properties, click on the Advanced tab and check the
box to activate the firewall..

The Windows Messaging Service is NOT the same as Windows Messenger, so you
do not have to remove Windows Messenger..

Re. NIS.. any protection is better than none at all.. you should ALWAYS
install whatever security program you have in your possession BEFORE
connecting to the internet.. personally, I think that you would be better
off without NIS.. better to install Zonealarm free firewall, and AVG or
Avast free anti-virus if funds are tight for you..

Mike Hall
MVP - Windows Shell/User

"omi" <omi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
question, u say:
Make sure a firewall is turned on.
How can i turn on a firewall the first time i connect to the net ??
There's no software that is updated, both NIS as winxp
I have to update first before i can turn on the firewall.
i can turn on an unupdated NIS firewall but i doubt if this will help


"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

These are known as Messenger service SPAM.

Make sure a firewall is turned on. And you need to disable or remove the
Messenger service.

[[If advertisements are opening on your computer in a window titled
Messenger Service, it may indicate that your system is not secure. You
should enable the Internet Connection Firewall and disable the Messenger
Service in Windows XP to help protect your computer from unwanted spam
other potential threats.

The Messenger Service was originally designed for use by system
administrators to notify Windows users about their networks. However,
advertisers have started using this service to send information via the
Internet, and these messages could be used maliciously to distribute a
Disabling Messenger Service in Windows XP

[[These messages are also known as "messenger spam."]]
[[To resolve this issue, install or turn on a firewall that blocks
NetBIOS and UDP broadcast traffic. ]]
[[To work around this issue, turn off the Messenger service.]]
Messenger Service window that contains an Internet advertisement appears;en-us;330904

Disabling Messenger Service in Windows XP

Messenger Service window that contains an Internet advertisement appears;en-us;330904

How to prevent Windows Messenger from running on a Windows XP-based

Disable/Remove Windows Messenger

[[This is a Visual Basic Script file which will remove Windows® Messenger
from Windows® XP. It will also adjust your System Registry to prevent a
delay when opening Outlook Express when Windows Messenger is removed or
Remove Windows Messenger

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:94F6817B-494A-4C18-9F1B-9B3955720D99@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
omi <omi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:

i start this thread because i assume old threats don't get much
it's not my intention to spam or anything.

i changed my ip a few times and then released it
i disconnected the internet cable
i formatted my drive twice (normal & fast)
installed winxp-home (original cd-rom)
installed msi-mainboard (original cd-rom)
(rebooted when nessecairy)

when i inserted the internet cable to activate winxp:
- immediatly i have a constant up-& downstream
- after a minute or so i get following pop-up messages:

Message from MICROSOFT to USER
Critical Error
The Microsoft Windows system contains invalid registry entries and your
computer will crash. Please download the Windows registry application
To fix your system immediatly

<<a few seconds later>>

Message from Microsoft to inform you about a virus detection.
Critical System Error ! The Windows registry appears to be infected.
Please go to the Universal Registry Infection Cleaner at to scan and repair the system registry.

<< every now and then i get diverse popups like this>>
i did not install the 35,3Mb NIS, so that's not it
i only installed the original winxp & msi mainboard
no other hd's are connected
i did not load any files except the 2 i mentioned above (winxp & msi)
those 2 are on original cd-roms so they can't be infected

now there's no point updating winxp or msi
installing NIS & updating also makes no difference

At this time my winxp-key is blocked by MS because i have reinstalled
much, i have to phone them every time to get a new key which contains
numbers only.
The dude on the other side advised me to phone the technical staff

of reinstalling all the time... because i live from my invalid-payment
do not have the money to do so, although i find that such assistance
should be free of charge.
Luckely there a free forums like this.
I hope you guys can help me out with this problem.

thnx in advance

I tried scanning with all known security progs, no infections