Re: fservice problem

shaban wrote:
> "Kerry Brown" <kerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*a*m> wrote in message
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>> shaban wrote:
>>> thanks for your time
>>> but note when I cleared check box for all items in start up,
>>> consequently the  probable culprit is cleared .
>>> besides that
>>> I tried to clear every one alone & scanned online with your links in
>>> the previous replay
>>> the result was 100% completely clean
>>> then  when you replay again please show the details about your
>>> solutions ( in previous message you said  "but didn't cleanup the
>>> registry"  & "You do not want to clear the check box from all items
>>> in msconfig." this statements not clear completely
>>>  when you do that every one and I get the best
>>> I repeat   thanks for you
>> It sounds like your pc is clean. Your anti-virus program removed the
>> bad file. It did not remove the reference to it in the registry.
>> Using msconfig and taking the tick out of the box beside it is the
>> safest way to do this. You can use regedit to do it but it sounds
>> like your level of experience is quite low. Regedit used improperly
>> can cause your computer to not boot at all or cause programs not to
>> work properly. That is why msconfig was recommended for you.
>> The vast majority of the items you see when using msconfig were put
>> there by programs or devices you have installed. If you take the
>> tick out of all of the boxes your programs and devices may not work
>> properly. Kerry
> "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend."
> so if you do not sure please do not reply to any one
> I searched in my pc register and found the error
> and I fixed it & and the error message went to hell
> in the next message I will tell you the magic it's very easy and
> simple so every one benefit
> see you later  ( Mr.Kerry)
> by the way when I send a post I put my faith with every
> one reply me
> so some words are not a good choice the last message like ("it sounds
> like your level of experience is quite low!!!!!")
> no problem thanks

I didn't mean to offend you when I said your level of experience was low. 
>From your posts it sounded like you were not experienced at repairing 
problems with Windows.

Glad you got the problem solved.