Re: program won't run from user account

"Malke" <notreally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Pete wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have XP Pro, and I've set myself up with an administrator account
>> and my son with a user account.
>> I installed MP3 software in the user account but it won't run from the
>> user
>> account. It only runs from the admin account. Here's what I've tried
>> so far:
>> 1. Installed the program in the admin account
>> 2. Installed the program in the user account
>> 3. Set permissions for users to have full read and write access to
>> the program's folder
>> It will still only run from the admin account
> Contact tech support for the program and ask them on what registry keys
> you need to change permissions for their program. Alternately, if you
> can't contact their tech support (and that is your first step), you can
> run RegMon/FileMon from Systernals to see what keys and files are
> involved in running the program so you can change the permissions on
> them.
> Malke
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Thanks Malke

I will try that