Re: Computer don't start help me please

What happens when you try to reboot using the Windows install cd?? If you
never see the option for such then you need to configure your computer's
cmos to boot from the cdrom as first choice in the list of available choices
under boot or startup options. You usually can access cmos by tapping the
delete key on your computer while booting or it should flash a message
saying press whatever key to access computer settings early in the startup
of the computer and before Windows loads. --- Steve

"marcos80B" <marcos80B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have a problem with a starting my PC.
> I have XP pro.
> and my problem is the following :
> \windows\system32\config\system
> this file is missing or defectuous
> and I can't reboot my pc with CD XP, and can't reboot with norton can you
> help me? Do you know this problem please??
> thank you for your help. you can response me at the email :
> m_barrigon_9@xxxxxxxxxxx
> --
> marcos