Re: Help, User Rights Assignment in Local Policies keep resetting

Is this a computer on an Active Directory domain as found in many businesses
or schools or not?? If not you have something strange going on that may be
malware related or maybe due to a "protection" program that is locking your
computer down for you. It may help to enable auditing of "policy change" for
success and failure in Local Security Policy to see if it shows when and who
is changing your user rights. --- Steve

"oozzzii" <osminm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello, this is happening on a Windows XP Professional, SP2 fully
> patched. It used to share files on the network but suddenly it stopped
> doing so. After some reading I found that the User Rights Assignment
> propery was missing the required values. So I added the accounts and
> this allowed the computer to share files again.
> This would work for a few minutes but five minutes later computer
> trying to access the share could not because the settings were blank
> again. I repeated the process of adding the values to User Rights
> Assignment and they keep resetting.
> Has anyone encountered this problem? How were you able to solve it or
> work around it? Thank you.


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