Re: How to unlock my PC

The screen saver might be configured to lock the computer after a period of
idle time and require password to unlock. If you don't know a password try
just leaving it blank to see if that works. If you can not work around it
you could try a hard reboot using the reboot switch on your computer or
shutting it down and powering it back on which should put you into normal
logon mode though could result in loss of data if you had an application
open when the computer locked. Also in XP Home you can often logon to the
built in administrator account by booting into Safe Mode and the password is
probably blank. If you are able to logon to your computer with that account
then you can give your user account a password you know or check display
properties/screen saver in Control Panel to disable your computer from being
locked after a period of idle time if that is what is happening. --- Steve

"Smoove01" <Smoove01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My computer is locked out and I can't get in. A Microsoft Windows XP Home
> Edition window displays telling me to Unlock the computer. When I try to
> enter in any character in the Username field or password the window does
> not
> respond. After pressing the a couple of characters the screen displays a
> warning message "This computer is locked only Thompson/AL or an
> administrator can unlock this computer" I was logged in as a System
> administrator. I cannot do anything to my computer. Please help


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