Re: Problem managing folders in XP Pro

I agree with your assessment of it working in Safe Mode that it is some
startup process/driver/service and yes it can be difficult to track down. If
you have not done so be sure to scan for malware with your antivirus program
after you have updated it with the latest definitions. I also like to use a
couple free tools from SysInternals called Autoruns and Process Explorer to
see what processes are running and what are being done at startup/logon. You
can use those tools to try and disable the process or keep it from starting
up and the publisher name is shown. I am always suspect of a process that is
mapped to an executable that does not show a publisher name. --- Process
Explorer --- Autoruns

I like the idea of a clean install. I had to do that last night on a
computer of mine that the whole family uses that was acting very strange all
the sudden. I could not find anything wrong or any trace of malware/spyware
[though that does not mean that none were present] but this computer would
stall for ten minutes every time I tried to open Explorer or to select a
folder to download to. My application/system logs were full of Dcom errors
and know that is not something that is easily resolvable. I had the same
problem in Safe Mode and after an upgrade/repair install. Not wanting to
waste anymore time I restored an image backup I had that took all of five
minutes and then had to restore a few applications and copy a few folders
back to the system drive. I also used File and Settings Transfer Wizard
which worked very well to backup and restore my user profile including data
and settings.

What has save me tremendous amount of time on more than a few occasions is
to make an image of my fresh operating system install. I install the
operating system, the service pack, all current security updates, install my
main applications such as Microsoft Office and favorite utilities, and then
configure Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Then I make a Ghost image
of the system drive and place the image on another drive partition and also
to DVD disks. I also partition my hard drive into at least four partitions
and leave about 10G for the system partition and at least one partition
larger than the system partition so that it can hold the Ghost image. I see
too may computers where the whole 80G drive is just one partition. Anyhow
good luck on your rebuild. --- Steve

"shelby_335" <shelby335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Steve
> I have checked event viewer - nothing being reported there.
> ChkDsk has been run and no errors found or fixed.
> Strangely I thought safe mode would produce the same results but this
> wasn't the case - I have full functionality after a reboot into safe mode.
> This may be due to the running process / program which is causing the
> issue.
> I have tried by a process of elimination to find the program which causes
> the issue - but haven't been able too.
> However I am now going to source an external HDD over the Xmas period -
> backup my data and an image of my disk before re-installing the OS and
> programs - it's about time this was done as the PC needs a tidy-up.
> Thanks
> Steve
> "Steven L Umbach" wrote:
>> Take a look in Event Viewer to see if anything related is reported that
>> may
>> help with a solution and run CheckDisk on the computer being sure to
>> select
>> to automatically fix file system errors. I don't think this will make a
>> difference but try booting into Safe Mode to see if that changes
>> anything.
>> If that does not help more than likely you will need to try an
>> upgrade/repair installation and if that does not work a fresh install.
>> Keep
>> in mind that an upgrade/repair install would require that you first check
>> to
>> see if you need to reinstall your service pack [if not included with the
>> install disk] and then for sure you will need to go to Windows Updates to
>> download and install all needed critical security updates. --- Steve
>> "shelby_335" <shelby335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:AB43AC15-6713-4613-84E4-76BD855D27D2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > The two options which seem to be inactive are
>> >
>> > Shares & Security....
>> > Properties.....
>> >
>> > I have limited occasions where the 'file search' functionality returns
>> > zero
>> > results.
>> >
>> > All other menu options seem to work.
>> >
>> > I have checked & cleaned the system using Ad-aware, Spybot and
>> > Hijack-this -
>> > there are no strange running processes. I haven't installed any new
>> > software
>> > recently - I have tried moving back to previous restore points to no
>> > avail.
>> >
>> > I have 3 user profiles which get used on the system - 1 Admin & 2
>> > limited
>> > accounts.
>> >
>> > Since I made the initial post I have noticed sometimes the options
>> > function
>> > for a short while after a reboot.
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> > Steve
>> >
>> > "Steven L Umbach" wrote:
>> >
>> >> What option are you selecting that nothing happens? --- Steve
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> "shelby_335" <shelby_335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> >> news:C9D1782C-957B-4CAB-A08E-994A68AAAB07@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >> >I have been trying to change some folder share permissions and view
>> >> >the
>> >> > security settings for folders on my local disk - however when I
>> >> > right
>> >> > click
>> >> > and select one of the options - nothing happens, no error, no
>> >> > message
>> >> > nothing!
>> >> >
>> >> > However a folder stored on my desktop can be managed.
>> >> >
>> >> > Has anyone come across this before?
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>