Re: IPSec Help Requested

Sometimes I have seen where you need to reboot to have changes in an ipsec
policy apply. You can use the mmc snapins for Ip Security to make sure that
your ipsec policy shows your filters as you have them configured. ---

"Yogi_Bear_79" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I use the built-in IP filtering in the Windows XP OS. I have had great
>success blocking nuisance IPs from connecting to my web server.
> I built an FTP server that I want to block all incoming access to, then
> allow a couple of specific IPs. It appears that I can only have one
> security policy assigned at a time, so I added the block all statement to
> my webserver ACL filter list
> Any IP, My IP, TCP, Port 21, Inbound.
> Yet I can still connect from an outside source. I can't see what I Did
> wrong as the other blocks are working, the only difference is on this one
> I specified the protocol, and the port.


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