Re: Help!My Computer says I cannot logon Interactively

Somehow your user account lost the user right to logon locally. This is not
something that should happen out of the blue. If your computer is a member
of an Active Directory domain which it sounds like since you apparently
logged on via your UPN then someone may have been messing with domain level
policies for user rights during the day. If anyone can logon to your
computer as a local administrator they can use Local Security Policy and go
to local policies/user rights to view the user rights for logon locally and
deny logon locally. If the user right is not being managed at the domain/OU
level then the local administrator should be able to modify those user
rights to be what is needed. The deny logon locally overrides any
corresponding user right for logon locally. --- Steve

"Kristina" <Kristina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My computer went into hybernation/sleep mode when I was on the phone at
> work,
> when I hit the CTRL+ALT+DEL button and tried to login with my username and
> password, a message poped up saying "The local policy of this system does
> not
> permit you to logon interactively"
> Does anyone know what that means, I am fairly computer savvy, but am not
> an
> IT Proffesional, I am the manager of a remote branch office, and our IT
> guy
> is in Japan (conveniently). I cannot access my outlook, file folders,
> documents, etc.
> It did let me login using my email address with the password, but Outlook
> is
> entirely diabled, and I cannot even access my old folder from "Documents
> and
> Settings"
> Kristina