Re: need registry key for blank passwd

Take a look at this registry key which may disable it I believe when set to
zero as shown.


I use a free program called Regshot to do comparisons of the registry before
and after such a change. There are other programs that may be a bit easier
to use but for the price and the fact that it does not have to be installed
make Regshot a neat utility to have.--- Steve --- Regshot.

"Tony" <Tony@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> I am going into a zero security situation next
> week. I am going to have manually turn off
> --> Control Panel
> --> Local Security Settings
> --> Security Options - Accounts
> --> Limit local account use of blank
> passwords to console login only
> So anyone can log into anyone without a password.
> Can anyone tell which registry key and value "off"
> corresponds to so I can just load a registry key?
> (It would save a lot of time if I could just write my
> own .reg file to turn off "blank passwords to console
> login only.")
> Many thanks,
> --Tony


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