Re: Lavasoft Ad-aware SE detects adware/spyware in registry

From: "Bozay" <Bozay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I have used Lavasoft Ad-aware SE personal (version 1.05) in the past and on
| many occasions the software has detected adware/spyware in my registry.
| From what i know it is not the best thing to tamper with the registry so was
| wondering if infact by removing these spyware/adware it will damage my system.

Let Ad-aware SE make those changes. Lavasoft did extensive research and knows what Registry
entries should be removed. It is also hard coded into the software with an extremely small
chance of a mistake being made.

It is containdicated for the layman to make manual changes to the Registry without specific
knowlege on the use of editing the Registry because a mistake can have negative side

BTW: Ad-Aware SE v1.06 has improved performance and fixed a few bugs.