Re: Need help with not being able to start certain services

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 11/26/05

Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 23:09:14 -0600

It sounds like you have multiple issues going on that are not easy to
troubleshoot. I would suggest that you do an upgrade/repair install to try
and fix the problems. See the link below on how to do this by booting from
the install disk. You will also need to know the product key for the install
disk. Since an upgrade/repair install rolls back and resets a lot of
configuration you will need to first install your service pack [if not
included on the install disk] and then go to Windows Updates to download and
install needed security updates. An upgrade/repair install should preserve
your applications and data but it always is best practice to backup your
needed data files and you user profile folder under documents and settings
to cdrom/DVD for safekeeping. --- Steve

"Charles Dodgen" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I've recently noticed that I'm unable to access my Windows Security
> Service
> and the Windows Firewall ICS. I first noticed this right after an
> interruption in my F-secure Anti-Virus service. Because of a date
> discrepency in Windows ( after having a new motherboard installed into my
> Dell Optiplex GX270), my F-secure software thought that my subscription
> had
> expired when I corrected the date and time function, so it (F-secure) quit
> running temporarily. I don't know if the two are related, but I have
> heard
> that uninstallation of anti-virus software sometimes can have adverse
> effects
> on a system. I've got my f-secure and time/date fuction straightened out,
> but now I've got this problem with not being able to start certain
> services (
> my Executive
> Diskeeper as well, although that's been going on for a while). When I go
> into "Services" and try to start the Win Seurity Center service I get,
> "Could
> not start the Security Center service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The
> dependency service group failed to start. When I go into "Properties/
> Dependencies" I get, "Win 32: The dependency service does not exist or
> has
> been marked for deletion". I get the same thing for the Windows
> Firewall/ICS
> service. When I try to start the Diskeeper Service I just get, "Error
> 1062:
> The service has not been started", and then the same " depency service
> does
> not exist or is marked for deletion". I also went into "Group
> Policy/Computer Config/Admin
> Templates/Windows Components/Security Center" and enabled the Security
> Center
> from there (was not configured), but this didn't fix it either. Then, I
> went
> to the Event Viewer to see if I could find anything and it was totally
> blank.
> I got a message saying, "unable to complete the operation on 'system'.
> The
> interface is unknown". I got the same under "application" and "security"
> as
> well. Isn't Event Viewer listed with the other services also? If it is I
> couldn't even find it in the list of services to try and turn it on.
> Looking on this newsgroup for answers, I found that some people with a
> similar problem were able to fix it by entering "netsh winsock reset
> catalog"
> in the cmd.exe. I tried this and, although the winsock catalog was
> sucessfully reset, I got this warning: "Could not obtain host information
> from machine. Some commands may not be available. The dependency service
> does not exist or has been marked for deletion". I restarted, but,
> unfortunately, this didn't solve the probem.
> I would greatly appreciate any suggestions concerning this problem. You
> can
> probably tell that I don't know much about this (services, dependencies,
> etc.). What I do know I just learned recently trying to fix the problem.
> I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious.
> Thanks
> P.S
> My OS is Windows XP Pro service pack 2

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