Re: Can't find usernames in registry!!

From: Carey Frisch [MVP] (
Date: 11/26/05

Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 17:48:53 -0600

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Carey Frisch
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"Bluemoon1383" wrote:
| Hi there,
| I posted my problem here before and my problem has not been tackled till 
| now.. Could anyone help me?? Many many thanks...
| A quick overview of my problem.. 
| I shutted down my laptop properly; and later when i turned it on again, a 
| welcome screen appeared without any user account listed!! To shut down my 
| computer was the only option.. 
| Then i tried to press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice and i got a small pop-up windows 
| with my user name listed asking me to enter the <password>. I really have no 
| idea for this as i never set a password for my computer. Somehow, I still 
| tried some of my regularly used passwords.. yet, i still couldn't log on my 
| account.
| An user responded to my problem by suggesting me to download an ultilities 
| which allow to reset the system password 
| ( I had successfully run the 
| files.. but when it run till to Step 3, a problem hinder me to carry on the 
| process, which as the following.. 
| *****
| ===== chntpw Edit User Info & Passwords ====
| Cannot find usernames in registry! (Is this a SAM-hive?)
| Select: ! - quit, . - list users, 0x<RID> - User with RID (hex) 
| or simply enter the username to change: [Administrator]
| *****
| If i press enter after the sentence, a same sentense appear on screen.. I'm 
| wondering why it can't find my usernames in registry?? 
| Help!! It already half way through the process.. what can i do for thi??
| Besides that, another user suggested to press F8 to interrupt the sytem when 
| rebooting.. then choose the option of <start windows with the last known good 
| configuration>. I had tried this too.. it didn't help in my case.. 
| Could anyone tell me what else can i do?? 
| Thanks heaps...

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