Re: XP Corrupted?

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 11/24/05

Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 00:55:57 -0600

It sounds like some sort of corruption. If you have not done such yet I
would do a full scan for viruses and spyware. AdAware SE is a pretty decent
free for personal use spyware detection and removal program. For any such
program be sure to use the absolute latest definition files that can be
downloaded from the publishers website. I would also boot into Safe Mode to
do the scans and see if you can access Add and Remove Programs in Safe Mode.
Then I would use something like CCleaner and select "Issues" and scan for
registry problems. --- AdAware SE --- CCleaner

If none of that helps try running first running Disk Check and then the
command sfc /scannow to check for problems with system files and most likely
you will be asked to put your install cd into the cdrom drive as part of
that process. If that does not work you could try a System Restore
[accessories/system tools - system restore] if you have a restore point
before this all happened and if that is not possible consider an
upgrade/repair install. You can put your install disk in the cdrom and be
sure to select UPGRADE for installation type and NOT new installation or you
may format over all your files. Of course it always is a good idea to have
backups of all your important data and media files to external media such as
cd/DVD. If you do an upgrade/repair install your applications and data
should be preserved but you will need to first install your service pack [if
not included on the install disk] and then go to Windows Updates to install
all the critical security updates that are needed. --- Steve

"jmv" <> wrote in message
> Symptoms:
> 1 - Add or Remove Programs will not open
> 2 - Contro Panle has 3 empty entries (blank icons)
> 3 - P_roperties of my local network connection will not open
> Any idea why this is happening?
> Missing dll's? etc?
> Thanks