Re: Having network problems.

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 11/20/05

Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 12:42:20 -0500

"Chrejo" <> wrote in message
>I am having trouble with other people seeing my computer or connecting to
> All firewalls are disabled. The IP I see in games I create or in the
> network adapter properties (the adapter with the internet connection) is
> not
> my acual IP address. The address I'm getting ( looks like a
> router assigned the IP except I'm not using a router.

In a command prompt, type

ipconfig /all

and see whether this is a DHCP-assigned address. It should tell you what the
IP address of the DHCP server is/was, if so.

> I believe when I ran
> the setup program for Bell's Sympatico HighSpeed internet, it installed a
> gateway using DHCP through the modem ... the gateway IP and DHCP server IP
> are the same as the modems IP. I contacted Sympatico and they told me the
> the modem does assign an IP but it is supposed to be the Dynamic IP they
> assign from their servers, not the Static one I'm getting.

You don't have a static - you have a private IP. Something is doing NAT.

> The tech I spoke
> to said he couldn't really help me but I probed furture and he said that
> the
> modem has a feature (can't remember the exact words) that assigns the
> virtual
> IP or something (kinda lost me there) and that it could be diabled. I
> tried
> this but everytime I tried to save or re-access the modem it had
> re-enabled
> it (GRRR). Both my net controlers are onboard

Ah. Why do you have two NICs? Disable one. Are you using ICS? Don't.

I suggest you get yourself a decent, inexpensive broadband router firewall
appliance (Netgear, Linksys, Dlink, etc) and stick it betwen your DSL modem
& network/computers. Let it do DHCP and NAT. You don't need to install any
klugy ISP-provided software on your computers that way. I never do...

That said - there are two issues here, it seems. You stated that you were
having problems with others connecting *to* you. What do they need to
connect to, and how, and for what purpose?

Get your internal network fixed, your internet connectivity cleaned up &
working, and *then* deal with inbound access to your network from the

> and I do have a network but
> not one that accesses the internet. Only my computer is used for that but
> I
> do have another computer connected (and was when I ran Bell's setup prog I
> think). Anyone want to help me solve this problem? ... does windows SP2
> interfier with this or anything? I can provide any other info that might
> be
> pertinent that I overlooked. Thx.
> --
> God is good!

Well, perhaps, but I don't know which particular deity is responsible for
troubleshooting TCP/IP connectivity issues, so it's probably not relevant

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