Re: "log on" form

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 11/17/05

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:47:55 -0600

Make sure that the user account "josh" on the other computer has the same
password that you use on your computer and that user josh has access
permissions to the "Michael" share for both share and folder [NTFS]
permissions. The link below explains more on that if you have any
uestion. --- Steve;en-us;308418

"billie" <> wrote in message
>I got two Windows XP prof SP2 machines sharing two folders with different
>access priviledges.
> This kind of sharing forces me to logout with "josh" user everytime I want
> to access the "michael" share.
> I rember that in case like this it should appears a log in windows in wich
> I could authenticate myself with alternative credentials but this does not
> happen because appears simply an error related to the wrong access
> privileges.
> How can I restore that logon form?
> It was really useful.

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