Re: Roaming Profiles & Local Permissions

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 11/12/05

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 18:19:03 -0600

Apparently that is another program that needs the user to be a local
administrator to install. Also FYI for a minor point there is no such thing
as Domain Power Users though a domain user can be in the local power users
group on a domain computer. --- Steve

"Michael" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for the response. However, the program in question is WinZip, and
> the
> users are Domain Power Users. When the administrator logs in, it's no
> problem, but anyone other than administrator cannot install the program.
> Michael
> "Steven L Umbach" wrote:
>> Profile types have nothing to do with installing software. Applications
>> that
>> write to the system folder and/or program files folder need to be
>> installed
>> by a local administrator or possibly power user. However if the
>> application
>> is a .msi package you can use Group Policy Software Installation to
>> assign
>> or publish the package so that it can be installed by or for even regular
>> users. Unfortunately too many applications are designed [poorly] so that
>> the
>> user must be a local administrator to run or take full advantage of the
>> application. You could try contacting the publisher to see if there are
>> any
>> folder or registry permissions/settings or other settings/updates that
>> can
>> be modified so that a regular user can use that application. If the
>> application runs correctly when the user is a power user then permissions
>> can be modified so that it works for a regular user. You may also want
>> to
>> post in an AutoCAD newsgroup. --- Steve
>> "Michael" <> wrote in message
>> > In the past I've always used local profiles, and set the user as the
>> > local
>> > administrator so they could install programs and modify settings.
>> >
>> > I recently started using Roaming Profiles, but I'm having the problem
>> > where
>> > users cannot install programs on their local machines unless they log
>> > in
>> > as
>> > administrator (remote site, I can not easily access). Is this just how
>> > it
>> > is,
>> > or is there a way I can modify their permissions on the server so that
>> > they
>> > have quasi-administrator rights on their local workstations. All of my
>> > education in Active Directory is self-taught, so I'm not familiar
>> > enough
>> > with
>> > the architecture to know the right place to modify settings.
>> >
>> > A specific problem is using AutoCAD. Users want to customize their
>> > toolbars,
>> > but can't because the menu files can't be edited while they are logged
>> > in.