Dmin group member ship keeps disappearing.

From: Bruce Musgrove (
Date: 11/07/05

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 09:25:42 -0600

Windows XP pro system on a 2003 domain. I have run into a issues wiuth a
couple of computers and adding admins to the local admin account.

I have tried adding a local user account to the local computers'
administrative group. I have done this while logged on as a domain admin
and while logged on as a local computer administrator. Everything works
fine for the local user (he has admin rights and can use them) I added until
I reboot the computer. Once the computer is rebooted, the local user
account I added to the local adminsiatrative group has disappeared from that
group. The local user is still on the computer, just no longer a memebr of
the local admin group.

Any ideas?

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