Re: Norton Antivirus has popup in right hand corner

From: NoNoBadDog! (
Date: 11/01/05

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 11:02:59 -1000

"matty_lynch" <> wrote in message
> "" wrote:
> > I have Norton Antivirus 2005 and AutoProtect is turned on but
> > on power up it
> > says I maybe open to attack. I have used Full System Scan and
> > Updated Virus
> > Definitions many times. Can't seem to get an answer from
> > Symatec,s new web
> > page. JJ
> well i had this problem to a while back and i contacted support and
> got no reply for a few days then when i did finaly get a reply thay
> just told me to try re-installing it also i started reeding reviews of
> anti-virus software on the web as i have allways truested nortan
> products until i started redding reviws and saw that there products
> are REALY BAD so i recomend you switch to a better software vender i
> now use NOD32 which proforms well
> Matthew lynch
> 8)
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If you all of a sudden think Symantec and Norton are "really bad", you might
be interested in this:

FWIW, I see machines running NOD32 that are infected all the time. A scan
with NAV clears it right up. But what the heck, if you like it and can live
with less security, then go for it.

To the others reading this post...there is nothing to support the claim that
Norton products are
"really bad" the OP claims to have learned after "redding reviws" and
then "recomends" a product....evidently he can make recommendations on
security solutions but has no idea on how to use a spell checker.