Re: WinXP's 'Prevent a forgotten password' feature w/no floppy

From: tiger234 (
Date: 11/01/05

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 19:47:33 +0000

TTT Wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to safekeep my WinXP Pro admin password using:
> 'Prevent a
> forgotten password', but I receive: "Your computer does not have a
> removable disk drive. A removable medium is required to use the
> feature".
> Does anyone know how I can burn a CD with the password info instead?!
> Or
> can I do this via PC Linq cable, via a PC with a floppy diskette and if
> so,
> what's the commands so I can write to this?
> Thanks in anticipation
> Jeremy

try it with a usb drive attached to the laptop....