Re: Encrypted Files from a formatted drive

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 11/01/05

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 18:27:02 -0600

Without a RA the only way would be if the user that created the EFS files
had exported their EFS certificate/private key to a password protected .pfx
file for safekeeping for and event like this. Also if there is a copy of the
user's profile somewhere in a backup there also may be a way to extract the
user's private key from it but my guess is there is not from your
description of the scenario. There is no backdoor way to access EFS files.
If there are no user or RA private key available then the files are forever
gone. --- Steve;EN-US;223316 --- EFS info
and best practices.

"Kevin" <> wrote in message
> Files were encrypted on a disk from a computer that the drive has since
> been
> formatted and no backups exist anymore. The files were created and stored
> on
> an external drive. With the drive connected to a different machine, of
> course, they cannot be opened. I realize that any account on this system
> is
> not a recovery agent nor the account that created encrypted the files.
> But
> I'm guessing a way exists to recover the files, just hopeing you guys/gals
> might have an idea of how to do it?
> Hopefully I'm not S.O.L on this one
> Thanks