Re: Help needed with SP2

From: Catz (
Date: 09/27/05

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 06:32:04 -0700

hi again

okay here goes...
Error message is BAD_POOL_HEADER but doesnt give me the driver that caused it.

I can get into safe mode, which is how i uninstall sp2 so that the pc can
run again

We have no wireless cards installed, and as far as i can see all computers
have the same hardware installed eg NIC, sound card ect.
I did notice that the majority of pc's that were problematic were the ones
that had Service pack 1 installed on them.
I dont think its the anti virus, cos all pc's have the same version
installed and only a few pc's are having problems.
At the moment im manually installing sp2 on pc's, i didnt want to roll out
without making sure it was error free (if there is such a thing!)

I tried to install one pc through windows update but get this error:
Website encountered problem.. cannot display page you r trying to view.

I did try get some info off da pc for you, hope this helps:


ansie - computer name

BCCODE: 19 BCP1: 00000020 BCP2: FF987D48 BCP3: FF987E58
BCP4:0A220003 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP:1_0 PRODUCT 256_1

1541.219: Do Installation: ApplyAdminSystemAclsRecursive for
C:\windows\$hf_mig$\service pack 2 failed; error=0x00000003

another line further down:
GetCatVersion: Failed to retrieve version info from
C:\windows\system32\catroot........ error 0x57
C:\windows\ with error 0x8092004

1. The process winlogon.exe has initiated the restart of [computer name]
for following reason: No title for this reason could be found.
Minor reason: 0x10 and 0x16
Shutdown type: reboot
comment: Windows XP SP2
Event ID: 1074
Data: 0000: 80020010

2. computer has rebooted from bugcheck. bugcheck was 0x00000019
(0x00000020, parameter 2, parameter 3, parameter 4


"Matija Hrovat" wrote:

> Hi Catz,
> can you give us a more specific description of the error you get (You
> probably get an error: BAD_POOL_HEADER, does it say which driver caused it -
> *.sys)?
> Can you get in any other mode (Safe Mode, VGA mode, ...) ?
> If you can get into safe mode, try using msconfig and boot into normal mode.
> What is the same with all computers that are having problems ?
> I've read that there was an issue with some Wireless cards, try removing the
> things that problematic computers have in common.
> The other thing could be that your AntiVirus program is in conflict with Sp2
> Device does not work properly with Service Pack 2
> Are you installing Network installation of the Sp2 -
> or are you installing the updates via Windows Update site ?
> If you're installing Network Installation, try updating trough Windows
> Updates -
> Let me know if you didn't understand any of the instructions and let us know
> if anything helped.
> --
> ------------------------------------------------------------
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> --
> Best Regards,
> Matija Hrovat
> "Catz" <> wrote in message
> > Hey Matija Hrovat
> >
> > I took your advice, installed KB 885626, but after installing sp2 again,
> > the computer continued to reboot.
> >
> > any other suggestions???
> >
> >
> >
> > "Catz" wrote:
> >
> >> Hi there,
> >> I am trying to install Service Pack 2 on XP machines...
> >> Some computers have no problems, most of them gave me this error:
> >>
> >> Stop: 0x00000019 (0x00000020,0xFF7ED758, 0xFF7ED868, 0x0A22001A)
> >> (First it restarts continuously, after i disable 'restart after system
> >> failure',
> >> it gives me that error.)
> >>
> >> Help!
> >> Catz

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