Re: Workgroup is not accessible.

From: Chuck (
Date: 09/15/05

Date: 15 Sep 2005 15:45:02 -0500

On 15 Sep 2005 12:34:14 -0700, "Tom Penharston" <*email_address_deleted*> wrote:

>Is there anyway to get a list of computers that ran the browser and
>then disappeared? A current browser list will just identify the good


If you truly have a case of transient browser service being run, just wait til
you start seeing a problem again, then run "psservice find browser", and compare
it with a previous run.

But it doesn't take a truly rogue computer running the browser to cause
problems. The more computers running the browser, in a workgroup especially,
the greater the chance for a browser conflict. Official specs call for 2
browser computers for the first 32 client computers, then 1 additional computer
for each additional 32. Add more than that running the browser, or take browser
computers offline and online inappropriately, and you can expect problems like
yours. Please read my article.

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