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From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 09/15/05

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 22:52:05 -0400

From: "transient" <>

| Thanks for the replies!!!!
| I had a Linksys router, but when I moved it must have gotten broken. Anyone
| know how to troubleshoot a router? The router detects my cable modem(5 mbs
| dn/ 256 k up)But when i connect form my mobo to router, none of the 4 ports
| light up. I ran that linksys setup thingy, buy alas, it couldnt detect the
| router through any of the ports. I was looking at the 129$ Linksys router at
| Best Buy + Adaware and Zonealarm. I found like 8 trojans using like 10
| differnet spyware programs, in less that a month of normal usage - s c a r y
| -.
| If I block those ports will I still be able to game online? BTW whats a
| SOHO router?
| i think ill reinstall xp after i get my set up up again. Thanks again for
| replies.

SOHO -- Small Office, Home Office

If you connect an Ethernet port of a computer via properly wired twisted pair Ethernet Cable
to a LAN port of the Router, then the lights should light up on both the Router and the
Ethernet port of the PC. If one light on one side lights up then the send pair may be good
but the receive pair may me bad or vice versa. If both sides do not light then it is a bad
cable alltogether.

If you block TCP and UDP ports 135 ~139 and 445 it will NOT affect gaming or any other
normal Internet acces. It will only block NetBIOS over IP and MS Networking. This is good
becuase it mitigates hackers and internet worms from getting from the Internet (WAN) side of
the Router to the LAN side and keeps MS Networking from leaking out from the LAN side to the


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