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Date: 08/29/05

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 09:02:31 -0400

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 My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:

> hi experts,
> had sp2 and other updates installed.
> uninstalled most of them because...well because i was trying to
> install older software that worked before sp2 was installed..
> anyway, now big problem. suddenly xp asks for password to logon, and
> this is really strange, cos i have never in my life had a password
> for my computer.
> so obviously no matter what i enter, the computer asks politely if
> i've forgotten the password....
> what to do? big problem. please help.
> thanks...

Have you tried leaving it blank? If that didn't work then go ahead and kill
the password, log on as admin, and then change the password for your

Password Problems :


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