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Date: 08/23/05

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 05:54:22 -0700

Sal wrote:

> I still have a problem with adware, spyware and user accounts.
> I have a system with several user accounts. I have strange things
> happenning such as pop ups and strange icons on my desktop and
> toolbars that should not be there.
> I have installed Adaware and spybot and the new microsoft beta
> software. I
> also have mcafee. I am very confused with administrator and limited
> users
> and I think this may well be my problem. I did the following:
> Updated the various software ie adaware etc wihcih was loaded onto
> each user
> account. Turned off System restore and booted into safe mode and ran
> all the
> software and removed anything that it found. I did this in all of the
> user
> accounts. I then booted back into normal mode and turned back on
> system
> restore. I still had the toolbar and used the uninstall program to
> remove
> this, but on one of the user accounts it said I did not have rights.
> I also
> keep getting prompts regarding blocking from the microsoft beta
> software. I also get loads of popups now.
> Do you think I should remove all the user accounts and just have one
> administrator account and try and run the adaware software etc through
> this only in safe mode?
> I need to do this before the children get back from camp!!!
> Does having messenger on my computer cuase me problems?
> Please can somebody help me!!!
> Sal

Just for now, make all user accounts "Computer Administrator". Then
clean your computer per these removal steps:

You will not need to run Ad-aware or your antivirus separately in the
different user accounts, but you should run Spybot in all accounts. I
can't address any issues with MSAS because I don't use it.

If you are still getting popups after removal, you will need to run
HijackThis and post your log on one of the forums listed on the website
(not here, please). Read the posting FAQ for the forum you choose.


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