Re: Can't logon into Windows XP SP2

From: D.Currie (
Date: 08/21/05

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    Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:30:57 -0600

    "B-man" <> wrote in message
    > Hi there,
    > I have a serious problem: During my failed attempt to rid-off my laptop pc
    > from malware I deleted a bunch of registry sub keys in the
    > Microsoft\Windows
    > NT\Current Version\Winlogon reg key (please, don't ask :s). Now, I can't
    > logon into Windows. It starts up and then logs-off right away. I've
    > tried
    > to boot up in save mode and all other options when you hit F8 during
    > restart
    > with no luck. My PC did not come with a Windows XP CD so I can't do that
    > either.
    > Anyone know how to fix this without having to re-install the OS?
    > Thanks,
    > B.

    If you have system restore turned on, it may be possible to get back to a
    previous restore point. You'd need to have a bootable CD that can access the
    drive, like the Windows CD that you don't have, or you can use something
    like a BartPE disk. Or there are disks that can be used to access the
    registry from a bootable CD; mostly they're useful for resetting the
    password, but you can get to other keys as well, if you know what you
    deleted and you can recreate the key. Or you could put the drive into
    another computer and manipulate the files that way.

    Honestly, though, the fastest, easiest, and most foolproof way to fix your
    problem is with a repair install with a Windows CD. Mucking around with the
    registry now could cause even more problems. And if you end up paying
    someone to fix the computer in the end, the less you do to it now, they
    easier it's going to be for them to get it back in working order.

    If you search MSs knowledge base, I believe that's where the information you
    need is on doing the system restore from a command line. At that point,
    you'll be back to having the spyware entries in the registry again, but at
    least you'll be up and running.

    Was it "nail.exe" you were trying to delete?

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