Re: Digital Signatures in WinXP

From: Carey Frisch [MVP] (
Date: 08/18/05

Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 17:23:02 -0500

Description of digital certificates

Using SelfCert to Create a Digital Certificate for VBA Projects

Driver Signing Registry Values Cannot Be Modified Directly in Windows

Using SelfCert to Create Digital Certificates in a Network Environment

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
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 "Robin" wrote:
| Hello all,
| We're upgrading our desktops to Windows XP from Windows 2000.  I'm
| testing the behavior of some of our custom Visual Basic programs and
| have noticed that I get a digital signature warning when all of our
| EXEs are started.  This is really annoying!  It didn't happen when we
| tested the apps on an XP station without the company image installed.
| Is the digital signature checking a setting in XP that can be turned
| off or decreased from HIGH to MEDIUM?
| If I have to live with signature checking, how can I get my VB apps a
| signature?  I don't want to pay VeriSign so that my users can run
| software that we own!  Is there another alternative?
| Thanks in advance!
| Robin

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