Re: Windows XP Backup (Software)

From: Notan (
Date: 08/15/05

Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 14:15:19 -0600

Brandon wrote:
> I'm looking to backup my data because I almost lost all my data when computer
> failed to start. After about 10 hard power shutdowns I got my computer back
> and it said Windows XP recovered from a serious Error. I think it had
> something to either do with the hard drive or Konfabulator.
> So now that I bought a new hard drive, I was wondering what other backup
> programs I can get besides the backup that Windows XP offers.
> Does Veritas offer something for backup up Windows XP?

Veritas' backup program (Backup Exec) has evolved(?) into Backup MyPC

You might also consider an imaging program, such as Acronis' True Image