Re: possible bug/flaw in windows xp home edition

From: Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\) (
Date: 08/14/05

Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 11:02:42 -0400


I think that you may have Shenan's gender wrong.. I always understood that
Shenan was a girl's name.. even in Australia, it is a girl's name.. lol..

Mike Hall
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> Froggy wrote:
>> Thanks for you reply stanley even if it was abit cheeky :)
>> With regards to the security tab that I said does not exsist except
>> for in the XP professional version, you gave me a link for a page
>> telling you how to turn off simple file sharing and thus get the
>> security tab to appear for files.
>> If you refer to the introduction on this page
>> You will see this note
>> "Note You cannot turn off simple file sharing in Microsoft Windows XP
>> Home Edition."
>> Thus there is no security tab to change the permissions.  This is why
>> I
>> believe this to be a bug.  I have tried logging in as an administrator
>> and using the attrib command from prompt but all I get is access
>> denied or not changing hidden file etc etc etc.
>> Got any more suggestions or possible ways I could get around it?
>> ...get xp pro? :)
> It is not a bug. XP Home is designed to only use simple sharing. Whether
> you like it or not is another issue. Mr. Stanley told you how to access
> the security tab in XP Home - by going into Safe Mode and logging into
> an account with administrator privileges.
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