RE: Win Xp dlt/fornat & BIOS protection

From: jerryrock (
Date: 08/10/05

Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 17:43:54 -0700

You didn't mention what motherboard or bios your system uses. Most newer bios
have an option "Write to bios" and an option to enable or disable. Perhaps
you could update/flash your current bios to the latest version to resolve the

"Dude Harry" wrote:

> Hi. I have windows xp media edition and use Norton 2005 Antivirus and
> Sygate fireall for protection. I had a program I downloaded (yes I
> know you should buy your software) that was supposed to be an ISO file
> utility and it tried to write to my BIOS and it crashed my computer. I
> received a fatal error and windows was shutting down to protect itself
> from damage. This occured 3 or 4 times until I inserted the restore
> disk which corrected the problem and then I ran windows restore.
> Another time about a year ago I had a program I downloaded that was
> supposed to be a better defrag program which deleted all my files and
> folders except the windows folder.
> (Not argueing about whether downloading is safe or legit as I have
> seen 2 instances where it is not.)
> I am curious as to how you can protect yourself from BIOS re-writes or
> delete and formats if you have an antivirus program and firewall. Why
> were these not detected and stopped from operating. They were not
> obvious viruses but programs someone altered to perform unwelcomed
> steps that should have been stopped I would assume.
> My question is if the antivirus and firewall are not desginded to
> protect you from these things, how do you protect the computer other
> than not downloading unknown software.
> My BIOS has no built in protection that I can see in either backup or
> virus prtoection.
> Is there a program that can protect you from unwanted procedures such
> as mentioned above.??
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Please reply here.
> Thank you in advance.
> Dave