Re: Bug in "net user xxx /time: xxxx" command in Windows XP Home Edition?

From: Carey Frisch [MVP] (
Date: 08/02/05

Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 07:58:36 -0500

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Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows XP - Shell/User
Microsoft Newsgroups
 "RC" wrote:
| I start the Help search for "logon hours"
| I clicked "Microsoft network server: Disconnect clients
| when logon hours expire".
| I clicked "Network security: Force logoff when logon hours expire"
| I enable both of these features. But I can't set number of
| logon hours for my teenager daughter. It doesn't explain how
| to set the logon hours!!!
| I clicked Net user
| So I set my teenager daughter login, restrict her login between
| 14:00 - 21:00
| net user her_login_id /time:M-F,14:00-21:00;Sa-Su,10:00-21:00
| That is great! she can only login during those hours.
| But the PROBLEM is if she login 20:30, by the time
| 21:05, she still logging in!! The Windows XP system won't
| auto logoff her!!!!
| Please help, teach me how to set the logon hours
| and auto logoff.
| Thank you very much in advance!!
| P.S. Each night my wife has to yelling and screamming to
| her, "Go to bed ..."!!
| I went to searched for "Parental".
| Downloaded some trial versin software, so far none
| of them I like. They either won't work as they claim or
| too complicate to set up (user unfriendly).

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