Re: if you notice weird differences in your files and system folde

From: Kerry Brown (kerry_at_kdbNOSPAMsys-tems.c*a*m)
Date: 07/29/05

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 12:46:57 -0700

"Dani" <> wrote in message
> "Bruce Chambers" wrote:
>> Dani wrote:
>> Unreadable drivel snipped....
>> Is English a second or third language for you? If so, may I
>> suggest that you try posting your question in a news group dedicated
>> to your native language? I say this not to insult or offend, but
>> rather to point out that you're not likely to get much help, if no one
>> can understand what you're saying.
>> Otherwise, I'd suggest you start by reposting in standard English,
>> complete with paragraphs, sentences, capital letters where
>> appropriate, and punctuation. As it is, your post is quite
>> undecipherable: some of the the words used are from the English
>> language, but are almost completely meaningless as currently
>> assembled.
>> Help us help you:
>> Otherwise, you might as well try here:
>> Psychic Friends Network
>> (800) 592-7827
>> --
>> Bruce Chambers
>> Help us help you:
>> You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having
>> both at once. - RAH
>> I must assume that it is a third language for you if you cannot
>> understand what i wrote. Yes there are a couple typos in it, mainly
>> because the program i was speaking of was popping up strange pages and i
>> was constantly interrupted by it. Currently my xp (operating system)
>> since o/s seems to throw you experts for a loop, is down due to the
>> trojan changing my registry filenames(if you need a definition for any of
>> these complicated words, i suggest windows help) and i am viewing this on
>> a network computer using windows me, and i can still understand what i
>> wrote. I DO believe your posts were put here just to offend me, as i
>> never once implied any questions that i needed help on. If my posts were
>> garbled in any way, I ask that you copy the entire post and send it to
>> <> as it may be something to do with the virus.
>> otherwise, in the event that it was posted as written, i will try to
>> shorten it a bit.
> Most of the people who have posted here with problems are infected with a
> trojan. It's name is abwiz and it changes files, filenames, and places
> where
> the orignial files were at installation. Norton Internet Security is the
> only protection available at this time. It does not take the trojan out
> of
> your system, it merely stops it from changing your files. if there are
> any
> further problems understanding me, please include specific words and i
> will
> try to findsome which are not as complicated to substitute. (apparently
> the
> ms tech with whom I am working concerning this problem has no trouble
> understanding my emails)

I also find your posts confusing. This one makes some sense.

Abwiz sounds like a minor, easily removed threat.

As this virus/trojan allows someone to take over your computer they may have
installed other harder to remove malware programs.


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