Re: Stealth Port 113?

From: Larry(LJL269) (NO_at_EMAIL.COM)
Date: 07/29/05

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 18:19:38 GMT

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:16:34 +0100, "Daniel Crichton"
<> wrote:

|If you nothing running on port 113, then you are no more at risk with it
|showing closed than if it was dropping packets instead of responding to them
|(which is all stealthing is).
Greetings & thank you for your response.

If you have somehting running on port 113, then are you
at more risk with it |showing closed than if it was

Also I know very little about Internet communications
but my conjecture is that the only advantages of NO
response verses a CLOSED would be to discourage an
attacker from:
  1-trying to open port 113
  2-trying to open one of the Stealthed ports

Either of these may have a slim probability of success
with a software firewall such as Zone Alarm which is
subject to not only its own vulnerabilities but to the
vulnerabilities of the platform its running on.

A hardware firewall with its dedicated software I guess
would be immune from both attacks & so stealthing would
have no advantage.

| This whole stealth thing doesn't actually make
|your machine any more secure - it can cause problems as above, and if a
|hacker is really looking for your IP then you can tell if it's online by
|looking at responses from the upstream router (if your PC/router really
|isn't connected to the internet then with most ISPs the upstream router
|would return a "Destination host unreachable" response in a ping or
|traceroute as opposed to the normal response you see when it's connected).

Comments/suggestions/corrections appreciated.
Thanks- bye- Larry
Any advise is my attempt to contribute more than I have received but I can only assure you that it works on my PC. GOOD LUCK.

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