Re: May have a potentially Serious Problem

From: Wesley Vogel (
Date: 07/29/05

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:38:34 -0600


Hope this helps.  Let us know.
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> At his house???????.. you told me you were washing your hair.. I sat
> through that entire 'sloppy' movie by myself.. :-( .. (wasn't gonna waste
> the tickets, no way, no how)
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>> Wayne wrote:
>>> As everyone knows I run Windows XP SP2 Home Edition. I have invested
>>> in McAfee Security Suite. My problem just started happening recently.
>>> I logged on the computer and Privacy Service came up, just like it's
>>> Supposed to and I enter the password, no problem there. However.
>>> While waiting for the rest to boot. A System folder (supposed to be
>>> hidden) popped up all at once. No explanation and no reason for it. I
>>> tried to re-hide it and when I did the system locked, so I had to
>>> unhide it. Now It's been a little over a week since this happened and
>>> I'm stumped. It's a Windows/System files. It has several different
>>> types of folders which is supposed to be hidden. Can anyone help?
>>> I'll get the exact folder name to ya as soon as possible..
>> You run Windows XP SP2 Home Edition?
>> Last time I was at your house, that looked like Linux to me!  *grin*
>> Look here for your opening folder:
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