Re: Question regarding Advanced Filesharing - Recognizing Network

From: Gordon (
Date: 07/27/05

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 20:31:01 +0100

"Dan" <> wrote in message
> Awesome reply, Gordon - it works.
> Is there any way I can get it so that the account is not able to be logged
> into on the xp pro computer? The only reason I added the account was so
> that
> the remove (xp home) computer could access the share via the network.
> When I
> go to switch users on the xp pro machine, however, the new account was
> added
> to the list. Is there anyway to make it so that the remote computer
> (w/same
> useraccount name/pass) can access the share while keeping the account off
> the
> login-account list on the local (xp pro) computer?

Don't use the Welcome screen log-in on the pro machine.Start-Control
Panel-User Accounts-Change the way users log in. That will get the old
W2K-style log-in screen. in addition, you can use gpedit.msc to ensure that
users need to press Ctl-Alt-Del before logging on, and that the last
logged-on username is not displayed in the username field.


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