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From: MowGreen [MVP] (
Date: 07/25/05

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:12:37 -0700


Right click the Recycle Bin and choose Properties. Is the " Display
delete confirmation dialog " box checked ?
Did you scan the system for malware prior to installing SP2 ?
Some malwares can corrupt the Recycle Bin. To repair it, run this
registry file, Replace/Repair the Recycle Bin in Windows XP, located at
#64 here :
Download and save it. Then merge it into the registry by double clicking
it or right click it and choose Merge.

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aidiami wrote:

> hello...
> i'm new problem is something unsual thing happened to my
> windows xp special pack 2 that i've installed a couple of days
> before...the problem is when i try to delete some files or folder or
> anything,the box that says "Are you really want to move all the
> contents to the recycle bin" doesn't appear..sometimes it may blink 1
> time and it fades away in lightning speed..why does the problem
> happens? How to make it goes normal again? is this some kind of a
> virus? :confused:

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